Rock of Ages Lighthouse Preservation Society

Wickie Award

About the Award

Early lighthouse keepers were often given the nickname “Wickie” for their job trimming the wicks keeping the light burning strong in the lighthouse.  This award recognizes one individual each year for the significant role they have played in helping Rock of Ages LPS to accomplish its mission of preservation and restoration, keeping the Rock of Ages Light strong.

The Board of Directors selects one individual within the organization who has made a significant contribution to the success of Rock of Ages LPS for two or more years.  This contribution may be through volunteerism, leadership within the organization, and/or financial support. Wickie Award recipients are recognized at the Fall Gathering and given a special challenge coin.


2019 Wickie Award Recipient: Katie Foley

Katie Foley is recognized for her significant financial contributions to Rock of Ages LPS.  These generous donations have funded the purchase of materials and supplies for lighthouse restoration over the last two years. Katie was inspired to donate because of her own connection to Isle Royale and the enthusiasm and dedication of others to Rock of Ages LPS.  Katie first discovered the magic of Isle Royale in 1971 when she backpacked the Rock Harbor side of the Island. Since then she has visited Isle Royale several more times and has hiked almost all of the trails. Her favorite place is Rainbow Cove and Feldmann Ridge. Katie can’t wait to get back to Isle Royale and is excited to be able to give back to the place she loves by supporting the restoration of Rock of Ages Lighthouse.
Kate Foley
Katie Foley (on the left) at Windigo Harbor